Prize categories – what can be won?

It pays to take part in Startup-Impuls. The start-up competition is offering prizes for winning participants worth well over Euro 100,000 in total. As well as prize money of up to Euro 25,000, winning teams and solo start-up entrepreneurs can look forward to high-quality consulting and coaching services, feedback, publicity, image clips and a great deal more. 

A total of 11 teams or solo start-up entrepreneurs can be nominated for the various categories in the Startup-Impuls competition. The winners, and all of those nominated, benefit from a professional image clip for their business as well as comprehensive pitch training. And even if you are not nominated or one of the ultimate winners, you still benefit from valuable support to help you get your idea onto the winning straight: individual discussions with Startup-Impuls coaches, participation in Startup-Impuls events and access to a large network. More information under “Accompanying offers”

Prize categories. What is there to win?

Team start-up: For innovative, extraordinary or other promising ideas of team start-ups that have been implemented* in the Hannover Region in 2021 or will be implemented in the future, there is 25,000 euros to be won.The best team will be selected from four nominated applications who have pitched their idea personally to the jury.

Special solo-start prize: The prize for all those who go it alone with their business idea. Many entrepreneurs* start as "solopreneurs", e.g. with design products, gastronomy concepts or online stores. Watch out: Solo in this case refers to the number of founders - not the number of employees. The "Best Female Founder" and the "Best Male Founder" will be awarded (see also the conditions of participation). In each case, the two best applications will be proposed to the jury as nominees. The most convincing nominee in each case will win prize money of 25,000 euros.


University-based start-ups: All ideas and start-ups from an academic or research context are in good hands in this prize, which is supported by Gehrke Econ. It is primarily aimed at start-up projects in an early idea stage. The university start-up prize category is aimed at students, institutes and departments of universities and universities of applied sciences, non-university research institutions and scientific employees in the Hanover region. The search is on for scientific projects and (research) results that have a particularly high potential for a business start-up. The three nominees pitch their idea to a jury. The 1st place winner will receive a prize of approximately 33,000 euros. In addition to 25,000 euros in prize money (earmarked for a specific purpose), this also includes individual support services for the realization of the start-up and further development of the business idea worth up to 8,000 euros, primarily provided by Gehrke Econ.

All winners of all three award categories will receive a professional image clip, a pitch training as well as a free resident membership for 6 months at Hafven (for teams, each team member will receive a resident membership).

All nominees of all three award categories will receive a professional image clip, a pitch training as well as a free community membership for 6 months at Hafven (in case of teams, each team member will receive a community membership).

Special marketing prize: Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH (HMTG) is offering the Special Marketing Award. Among all applications (not only among the 11 nominees) a particularly attractive product is sought, which is already on the market or is about to enter the market. HMTG will provide a marketing package worth € 5,000 as a prize, which will be individually tailored to the needs.



* Exception: the company was already formally founded before 2022, but has only become operationally active on the market in 2022. This means, for example, that the first sales were generated in 2022.

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