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GeMS offers foreign companies support in the operational implementation of their marketing and sales activities in the German market. Especially technology-oriented companies have an excellent technical expertise enabling further product development. However, the implementation of a powerful marketing and sales department is often quite difficult for them. This applies to national markets and even more for foreign business activities.

For the German market, GeMS has an optimal solution to this problem: Sales activities are outsourced to sales professionals, who are familiar to the German market and the respective market segment. Outsourcing marketing and sales activities may include small preliminary sales activities and finding important key customers as well as preparatory measures for establishing an own sales department or even long-term distribution partnership.


GeMS projects include:

Outsourcing of marketing and sales activities to selected sales professionals with an appropriate track record. This allows you to launch your market entry before spending substantial amounts of money on setting up a company, on an office or on human resourcesArranging a representative office, if requiredProviding consulting and organizational support for company launches.

On the basis of the cooperation with GeMS partners, special conditions are granted to the participating company.


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