Preparing your market entry. A Successful entry into a foreign market is based on excellent preparation. 
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We work with your company and individually selected experts to develop a robust strategy for your subsequent entry into the German market. Together with you we prepare a market survey and a product analysis.


Analysis and evaluation of the current (development) status based on your productPreparation of a market assessment in the relevant countryAssessment of the patent situation in relevant countryEvaluation of your products and services in comparison with other providers in the relevant market (assessment of customer benefits and unique selling points)Analysis of market opportunities and potential of selected productsIdentification of target customers, multipliers and potential partners for each product and if necessary structured by sales regionsDevelopment of market entry strategies for your individual products, as well as a strategic business model for your entry into the German/European market.This results in a structured report and a roadmap for your market entry.


As part of its business development activities, hannoverimpuls is able to offer financial support for these activities.



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