Trade fairs program

24–28 April: HANNOVER MESSE 2017

The world’s leading industrial show in Hannover

The figures from 2016 speak for themselves: all the big names were represented at HANNOVER MESSE, and made the leading show the biggest technology event in the world.

With 6,500 international exhibitors and 190,000 trade visitors – of which a third from abroad – the HANNOVER MESSE is the international flagship of the industry and capital goods trade fairs. The key technologies of Industry 4.0 are presented in seven leading shows simultaneously, showcasing a globally unique spectrum of topics and offers. The individual shows interact with one another in a targeted way to optimally integrate the players in research, development, industrial automation, IT, energy & environmental technologies.

HANNOVER MESSE sent out a clear message in 2016: the vision of Integrated Industry has now become reality. More than 400 application examples for the digitisation of production and energy clearly demonstrated that the age of integrated industry begins at HANNOVER MESSE. And now, to demonstrate the concrete benefits for industry and employees in the factory of the future, HANNOVER MESSE in 2017 will reflect the key topic “Integrated Industry – Creating Value”. The fair will therefore point the way ahead for all visitors intent on exploiting the potential of digitisation for their businesses, and with plans to rejuvenate their production step by step for factory 4.0.

Right in the middle of the action: the HANNOVER-Stand, organised by hannoverimpuls. The stage for presentations by an attractive cross-section of the strong industry and IT network in our region. Join in – as either an exhibitor or a visitor. Contact us now!

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20–24 March: CeBIT 2017 – Global Event for Digital Business

Again in 2017, CeBIT shines a spotlight on the opportunities opened up by digital transformation with its top theme "d!conomy – no limits". Digitisation is changing business and society like no other technical development. The way in which digital technologies are moving into new sectors – think: Internet of Things – is creating an unprecedented disruption and innovation dynamism. The relationship between man and machine, and the interaction between virtuality and reality are being redefined. It leads to the breakdown and renewal of traditional processes, established structures and existing sector boundaries – to create new forward-looking business models and cooperation structures. One of the pioneers in the high-tech sector is Japan – who will be presenting itself at CeBIT in 2017 as the partner country.

Even if digital transformation is also a challenge, medium-sized enterprises in particular can profit from the economic opportunities, the chance of playing a  part in the digital change process, and implementing it within their own businesses. A major role here is played by the top issues such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security and virtual reality.

With around 200,000 trade visitors, CeBIT is the meeting place for key decision-makers and business leaders in the IT sector. The opportunity to present themselves to an international IT audience is also used by numerous companies, institutions, and speakers from the region.

Whether as an exhibitor or a visitor: join in on the HANNOVER-Stand! hannoverimpuls warmly welcomes you to be one of the co-exhibitors on the HANNOVER-Stand to demonstrate Hannover’s  strength as an IT location, or to come along as a visitor to see for yourself what we have to offer. Contact us now!


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