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Hannover Deep Dive - Digital Health Talks

Tune into the digital health scene in Hanover: Learn about ongoing projects, companies in the area and their needs. Looking for a partner? Our interview guests might just look for you as their collaboration partner.

1st Interview

12th March 2021

10:00 – 10:25

Titel: Medical practice solutions - the age of digital dental clinics

  • How does digitization affect the everyday work life in a dental clinic?
  • How can a digital health Startup support digitization in medical practices ? 
  • Which opportunities and challenges face Startups in the field of digital health?

Those and many more questions will be discussed during the first interview with our experts

Interview partners:

Kai Meyer-Spradow –  digital health Startup medondo

Alexander Rinnert – dental clinic: Zahnschlösschen

Finance Landscape for Healthcare Solutions in Germany

Reimbursement of Innovative Technologies in Germany

German market access - mediq Innovation Partners

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