Employee retainment

Skilled worker development

Securing the competitiveness and innovative capacity of enterprises.

Keeping pace in the war for talent

Small and medium-sized enterprises are often at a disadvantage when competing with major companies for skilled staff because they simply do not dispose over the resources and possibilities for professional personnel marketing. Another issue often raised is how to bind recruited professionals to the enterprise. 

The decision for or against a particular company is of course influenced by many different factors. Pay and career possibilities but also boundary conditions such as working environment, workplace design, in-house communications, business role models etc. as well as options for professional development are all amongst possible selection criteria applied by employees.

Activities in the field of retaining skilled employees focuses on the following content areas:

  • Promoting skills development and organisational development in companies
  • Work-life balance
  • Improving working conditions in the company (e.g. revised work schedules, child care, occupational health management, etc.)
  • Improve professional development opportunities
  • Increase the company's attractiveness
  • Support and development of business networks.