Youth promotion

Securing the next generation of skilled employees - fighting youth unemployment and improving training and education.

In order to improve and secure the competitiveness and innovative power of SMEs in particular, it is vital to have a sufficient number of well trained and motivated young employees.  

We provide consulting and practically-based project work to support in particular SMEs in recruiting young staff and developing strategic training and HR management and also support in personnel marketing such that an SME can enhance its public image as an attractive employer for potential applicants.

The activities of employment promotion in Hannover Region for youth promotion project developments have the following contents:

  • Strengthening dual training/education and improving quality of training and education
  • Developing model projects for cooperative training and part-time training
  • Acquisition of foreign trainees
  • Supporting targeted career guidance and student assistance above all in the fields of MINT, health, hotel and catering, information and communications, the trades and logistics.
  • Enhance binding of graduates to the region
  • Strengthening dual courses of study and expanding the permeability for university entrance 
  • Preventing training and study drop-outs
  • Encouraging university drop-outs to enter dual training
  • Intensification of cooperation between universities, schools and businesses
  • Activities to enhance the attractiveness and improve the image of companies