Hannover Region


The Hannover Region – space for innovations

The Hannover Region is one of the leading business locations in north Germany, and boasts outstanding potential for the future:

The 21 cities and municipalities are home to around 1.14 million people, and are the places of work of 460,000 employees paying social insurance contributions in over 50,000 companies. The economic structure is characterised by key sectors with major innovation and job creation potential. The gross domestic product generated in the region, as well as the purchasing power and retail purchasing power per inhabitant, is well above the national average.

Almost 40,000 students study and do research at prestigious universities such as the Leibniz University, the Hannover Medical School, and the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover. 43,000 pupils train at numerous vocational colleges to gain comprehensive qualifications for the job market. 

Located at the intersection of major road, rail and waterway transport routes, and equipped with an airport of supra-regional importance, the Hannover Region is a major hub within the European passenger, freight and goods transport network

The Hannover Region is also one of the leading international trade fair locations, with key shows such as CeBIT, Hannover Messe Industry, Agritechnica and IAA Commercial Vehicles.

As an excellent place to live, the Hannover Region prides itself on its diverse cultural, sporting, musical, entertainment and recreational activities, as well as a wide range of residential property. 

The following pages present the most important location information and metrics on the Hannover Region as a business location and place to live – presented in an up-to-date and transparent way.  




Seminarprogramm Frau und Beruf 2018

Das Jahresprogramm der Koordinierungsstelle Frau und Beruf 2018.

Roboterfabrik - Ausbildung für Robonatives

Die Roboterfabrik verfolgt einen bundesweit einmaligen, integrierten Ansatz zur Ausbildung sog. "Robonatives", der in der Schule beginnt und an der Universität bzw. im Unternehmen fortgesetzt wird.

Immobilienmarktbericht 2017

Nachgefragt bei Investoren: Hannover punktet in allen Teilmärkten 

Logistikprofil Region Hannover 2017

Detaillierte Informationen und Kennzahlen zum Logistikstandort Region Hannover

Trends und Fakten 2017

Die wichtigsten Daten, Statistiken und Kennziffern zum Wirtschaftsstandort Region Hannover 2017

Gewerbeflächenmonitoring 2017

Entwicklung des Gewerbeflächenverbrauchs und der Gewerbeflächenachfrage 2017

Wirtschaftsreport 2016

Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung von 2005 bis 2015 – die Region Hannover im überregionalen Vergleich und Profile der regionalen Leitbranchen.

HCTC Broschüre


Back2Job – Ingenieurinnen gesucht! Wiedereinstieg in Teilzeit mit betrieblicher Praxis und Besuch der Universität und Hochschule!