Broadband access in Hannover Region

49 towns and villages in Hannover Region will in future enjoy much faster internet access thanks to the broadband expansion programme. The programme is being funded by central government and the state of Lower Saxony to the tune of around Euro 3.3 million.

The importance of having fully functioning broadband infrastructures as a decision factor for citizens, businesses and institutions in Hannover Region is undisputed and will become more so in the future. Fast bandwidth is now a precondition for economic growth, competitiveness and digital issues such as cloud computing, industry 4.0, Smart-Home, Smart-City, telemedicine, teleworking, E-government and E-commerce.

Demand-based broadband infrastructure expansion

Telecommunications organisations have ongoing investment programmes in Hannover Region to ensure high speed broadband infrastructures. However, privately funded broadband expansion only takes place where it makes economic sense for the telecommunications business, basically in areas of sufficient demand. Reflecting this situation, the service available in less densely populated areas is often inadequate due to the higher costs involved. 

Bringing underserved areas online

The Hannover Region Business Promotion organisation has undertaken many negotiations with telecommunications providers to realise the connection of many underserved areas to broadband infrastructures thanks investments by the telecommunications providers themselves; either already up and running or coming soon.

Despite the ongoing and planned developments of the telecommunications service providers, there are some areas in Hannover Region which remain underserved. This means the business promotion organisation still sees the need to act in order to balance out regional disparities and ensure the location’s competitiveness, and in so doing remain attractive for skilled workers and improve the options for the participation of citizens in social life.