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Every plan needs a perfect location to thrive: we assist you in finding a suitable site or property which matches your requirements.

We support you in finding a suitable site, an appropriate property and office space, as well as dealing with regulatory affairs involved in the expansion of your activities. We do this by getting all of the important market partners on board.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to get in personal contact with us directly. Our experience has shown that this is the best way for most matters to be dealt with quickly and concisely.

In case you have already identified a specific location, this list will show you who to contact directly in the local municipality.

The leading marketplace for commercial property in the Hannover Region

The commercial property portal provides you not only the opportunity to offer properties, but also essentially helps you search and find the right property for your project. Numerous functions allow an easy, accurate, and comfortable search. The structured synopses contain all important information about the property, the location and the offering at a glance.

commercial property portal for Hannover Region

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