Digital Health Talk #8 - Follow-up care goes digital

For a long-term success of therapy, it is essential that patients apply the techniques and skills they have acquired - otherwise there is a risk of relapse. Digital offers in follow-up care aim to close the lack of support!



After a stay in hospital, the therapeutic successes often fizzle out in the patient's everyday life: The clinics are far away from the patients' homes, and they can find neither an outpatient aftercare service nor a contact person locally. Charles Michelson, CEO and founder of the Norwegian startup Flow Technologies, wants to close this gap with the digital communication platform Flowzone. Therapists and doctors can provide care to patients and groups via the app - both during treatment and later, when patients are at home. Senior physician Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Martens from the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH) Cardiology Department also accompanies all of his heart patients at home via the app with exercise plans and more to help them make permanent lifestyle changes.


· Lesley Plön


· Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Martens (Oberarzt Herzchirurgie MHH)

· Charles Michelson (CEO Flow Technologies)





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